Users Unable to Track Emails after CRM 2013 SP1 Update

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Dynamics CRM 2013

If you’ve recently upgraded to CRM 2013 SP1 and you’ve applied the product update for cases, you might be experiencing an issue where outlook users are unable to track certain emails in CRM. They receive an error: You do not have permissions to access these records. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator. Item Name = <email subject>.

After a bit of digging, we found that the missing privilege was Read access to the Case Creation Rule entity, which is a new entity added with the latest product updates. Because we already had existing security roles, these did not include any access to this new entity.

If we give User level Read access to the Case Creation Rule entity through our security roles, this error will no longer appear.

This error only seems to occur when the email being tracked is from an unresolved sender, which doesn’t match any existing CRM records.


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