Global Advanced Find in Dynamics CRM 2015

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Dynamics CRM 2015

Finding records in CRM has never been easier than it is now in CRM 2015. Not only has Microsoft added global search into the global nav so we can search for a single term across several entities from anywhere in the system, but they’ve also taken on feedback from the community and have added Advanced Find into the global nav as well.

I had already released a solution for CRM 2013 which adds Advanced Find to the Global Nav (which still works in 2015 if you’re upgrading).

The new button has been added to the right of the ‘Search Entities’ box, beside our user/org name. The icon is a little bit confusing at the moment, as it’s not using the classic advanced find icon everyone is used to with previous versions of CRM – however since I’m only using the ‘beta’ release, the icon may be updated for the full release.

When we click on this button from anywhere in CRM that has a global nav bar, an advanced find window will be opened. If we’re on a view for an entity, the advanced find window will automatically open up to that entity and the view we’re on. If we’re on a form the advanced find window will open the ‘new query’ window for the current entity, however the behaviour is a little bit different for forms.

When we click the advanced find button from a view, a dashboard, or another area of the sitemap, the advanced find window that opens is opened in a new window which can be minimized or resized, and depending on your browser settings can open in a new tab instead of a popup. This is great as it means we can open advanced find and continue doing what we were doing with advanced find still open in the background.

You can see in the image above that the advanced find window that opens from a view has the minimize and maximize buttons available.

When we click the advanced find button from a form however, it is opened in a dialog box which cannot be minimized, and cannot be opened in a new tab. This means we cannot keep the advanced find window open while continuing to use the rest of the system. Hopefully this is only an issue for the beta release.

In the image above you can see that the advanced find window opened from a form does not have the minimize or maximize buttons, and we cannot click back onto our other window without closing advanced find.

Advanced Find has also now been removed from all command bars, as it is no longer needed.

Overall I think this feature is very cool and I’m sure everyone will be glad to have this available. Hopefully it can be made a little bit easier to use in the full release, as this blog post is based on the beta.

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’m having difficulty removing this solution from our Dev environment – the delete is failing due to Application Ribbons being required by Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts (and one other custom entity, Farms). Any ideas?

    • Paul says:

      Hi Chris, The solution adds a couple of buttons into the Global Command Bar XML. If you’ve made any changes to the command bar for those entities, such as hiding these custom buttons, then it will create dependencies when you try and uninstall the solution. There are 5 buttons that are added in total, called ‘mag.AddGlobalAdvancedFind.Button’. You could check your solution XML for that ID to see if there is anything referencing it, such as a custom hide action.

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