Custom Phone Number Fields in Dynamics CRM 2013

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Dynamics CRM 2013

In Dynamics CRM 2013, phone number fields now appear as a clickable hyperlink which calls out to Skype or Lync depending on your settings. All out of the box phone number fields, on Contact, Account, and Lead for example, have this formatting applied to them.

This formatting is also available on new custom fields. When creating a field, under the ‘Single Line of Text’ type, there is now a new ‘Format’ for Phone. When we select this format, our custom field will display with the same click-to-call functionality as the out of the box phone fields.

Phone Format

Click to Call

Unfortunately, if you’ve upgraded from CRM 2011, you won’t be able to change existing phone fields, as the format is unchangeable once created. If this is a must, you could consider recreating the fields and migrating data into the new fields.

Any new phone number fields we create however, we can now select this format.

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