Windows 8.1 – The Return of the Start Button

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Windows 8

In windows 8, the start button was removed from desktop mode. In 8.1 however, it’s back!


While the start button is back, the start menu is not. So clicking the start button will still only open the full start screen – which I would argue is better anyway as it allows you to display more apps on screen. When you click the start button from the desktop, the start menu will open up as normal, and will even continue displaying the start button so that you can quickly close the start screen and go back to the desktop without moving the mouse.


The old icon that you can see below, which appeared when moving the mouse into the bottom left corner of the screen has also been replaced by this sleek new icon in all areas of windows, including inside apps. Just like before, when you click on this icon, it will take you to your last viewed app, or just the start screen by default.


When viewing the open apps side menu, the start button at the bottom has also changed from the icon you can see above, to the new icon below.



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