New Size Options for Windows 8.1 App Start Screen Tiles

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Windows 8

With Windows 8 app tiles, you could either have them normal size (1 tile space) or double width (2 tile spaces). With 8.1 we now have the option to go 1 bigger, and 1 smaller. As you can see below, we still have apps in the both the Medium (single tile), and Wide (double tile), however we also have Small (quarter tile) and Large (four tiles).


As you can see with the ‘weather’ tile, the larger tiles allow for more information to be displayed, and with the small tiles in the top right corner, you can see it only displays the app icon, and not the app name.

The apps are resized slightly differently to before, in that instead of right clicked or swiping down to select a tile, and then selecting ‘larger’ or ‘smaller’ from the app bar, there is now only 1 option called ‘Resize’ which lists all the available sizes for that tile.


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