New Method for Naming Start Screen Groups Windows 8.1

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Windows 8

To rename a group in windows 8.1, simply pull up the app bar and click ‘Customize’ or simply right click or press and hold on any app. This will enter the customize mode which provides an area at the top of each group to specify a name. Simply click into the text box, enter the group title, and hit enter. Did I mention it’s simple?


In Windows 8, to name a Group on the start screen, you would need to zoom out using semantic zoom, and then select a group by either right clicking or swiping down, then selecting Name Group from the app bar. This required quite a lot of work, and is not obvious at first.


Windows 8.1 has made this process much easier and more obvious to users. And in case you were wondering, if you try and name the groups the old way in Windows 8.1, you will find there is now no option to change the name when in semantic zoom.


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