Yammer CRM Integration Wall Posts Default to All Colleagues

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Dynamics CRM 2011

When posting an update on the Yammer feed from a CRM 2011 record, you may have noticed the ‘Post to’ defaults to ‘My Colleagues’.

Post to My Colleagues

You can change this selection to a specific group within Yammer, which means the update will only be posted to that group, whereas if you leave it as the default ‘My Colleagues’ the update will be posted to the whole of Yammer for anyone to see.

Even if you have selected a Yammer Group ID to control conversation access in you Yammer Configuration settings, the wall posts will still default to My Colleagues. Unfortunately at this time even if you change the ‘Post to’, it will not remember the selection for next time, so you would have to do this every time you post on a record wall.

Yammer Configuration

If you have selected a Yammer Group for CRM to post to, you will notice that any wall posts that are posted to ‘My Colleagues’ do not show up in the “What’s New” area of the CRM workplace, as this only shows Yammer posts within the selected Group. Since the CRM wall posts are defaulted to ‘My Colleagues’, these posts will not appear in the Yammer group.

Hopefully this is patched in a future update, but until then make sure if you’ve configured your integration to use a specific group that users are actually posting to that group.

The alternative is to not select a Yammer Group to post to, so the “What’s New” area of CRM will display all Yammer Posts (including those posted to ‘All Colleagues’). This would mean you don’t need to worry about changing the default ‘Post to’ on wall posts.


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