Desktop Shortcut to FTP via Windows Explorer

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Windows 7

Here’s another obvious one that will save you lots of time accessing your FTP site. No more going through your browser, logging in, and then opening your FTP in Windows Explorer to get an easy to use folder view.

For ages I’ve been doing exactly that, which is a pain to need to go through all of that just to open your FTP site in windows explorer. I’ve discovered a much better way to access your FTP, so that all you need to do to open your FTP in windows explorer is open a shortcut on your desktop, no browsers or logging in required.

Recently someone showed me a way to log into an FTP site using just the URL, by simply entering the following into the internet browser:

Give that a try with your ftp username and password, and site name. It will load your FTP and log you in.

This alone you could use to log in automatically, but we want it to open in windows explorer automatically as well.

So now if you copy that above address into your start menu search box, and wait for the one internet file to be found, you can hold Alt, and then drag that file to your desktop to create a shortcut.

The link on your desktop will now open your FTP in windows explorer, and will log you in automatically every time.

You can then rename it to something more meaningful, and then you’re set! No more using your browser to access your FTP, and no more needing to log in each time.

  1. Tom BonDurant says:

    can’t get it to make a short cut.

  2. Daniel Kuntz says:

    Thank you for this solution, worked like a charm with login credentials!

  3. Anicet says:

    Thank you guy. Helpful.

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