Making the Windows 7 Taskbar more like XP

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Windows 7

This is an easy one, but I thought I would show it anyway.

Basically when I first started using Windows 7, it took a while to get used to the combined program icons on the taskbar, so I thought I would show this quick way to make it a bit more familiar for those of you that prefer the XP style taskbar.

To make the change, right click an empty part of the taskbar, and select Properties.

Under where it has Taskbar buttons, you can select ‘never combine’, which will make each window its own item on the taskbar, instead of grouping windows together.

You can also choose to check the ‘use small icons’ checkbox, which will make the taskbar not quite as thick as usual, and more like XP.

Click ok, and then your takbar will look like this:

Simple. As you can see each of the 2 internet explorer windows have their own items on the taskbar, and each item has a title.


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