The Psychology Of Winning

Posted: March 26, 2010 in AudioBook Summaries

-Denis Waitley

The cause of disease is closely linked to how individuals react to life. The link between stressful life changes expect and anxiety and health changes, seems to be associated with the body’s immune system, which makes anti-bodies to fight germs, stress may cause you to stop producing anti-bodies. In other words if you think you’re sick, you are.

Winners are more aware, they display a positive self-awareness. They are turned on naturally.

Positive self-control:

  1. Take the blame and the credit for your position in life honestly and openly.
  2. Use the volition of “I’ve decided to,” instead of “I have to.” Use “I’m more comfortable doing this” than “I’m afraid to do that.”
  3. Carry the motto: “My rewards in life will reflect my service and contribution.”
  4. Learn how to relax mentally and physically.
  5. Set specific times each week/day to initiate action letters/calls on your behalf.
  6. Carry the motto TNT, today not tomorrow.
  7. Create your own best horoscope on paper.
  8. For the next 30 days do all out in your current job.
  9. Invest in your own Knowledge and skill development.
  10. Set your alarm half an hour early and leave it at the earliest settings.

Learn to be relaxed and friendly, no matter how much pressure you’re under, even if you have to fake it. Courage is a learned habit.

Rather than focusing/fearing the possibility of failure, focus on the possibility of success, and you will be subconsciously motivated to succeed.

Replace fear motivation with desire motivation.



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