Never Eat Alone

Posted: March 26, 2010 in AudioBook Summaries

-Keith Ferrazzi

Your best customers are the ones you already have

Rules to follow when calling an important person

  1. Convey credibility by mentioning a familiar person
  2. State your value proposition
  3. Import urgency and convenience
  4. Be prepared to offer a compromise that secures a definite follow-up at a minimum.

Draft off a reference – establish trust and credibility

State your value

Talk a little, say a lot

A network is like a muscle, the more you work it, the bigger it gets.

15 minutes and a cup of coffee is a great quick, out of the office way to meet someone new

Conferences, invite someone to join you with a hobby.

Quick breakfast, lunch or dinner before or after work, theres nothing like food to break the ice.

Invite someone to a special event, e.g. movie.

Entertaining at home (dinner parties), invite 1 or 2 people you don’t know well.

Learnt o touch people, shake hands, touch on shoulder etc.

Remember peoples names, don’t criticize.

How much you give to the people you come in contact with determines how much you will receive in return.

Dinner Parties:

  1. Create a theme.
  2. Use invitations, get invites out early.
  3. Don’t be a kitchen slave, hire a caterer, cook beforehand, or get take outs. Keep it simple, one large dish example. Have lots of alcohol.
  4. Create atmosphere.


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