Cracking The Millionaire Code

Posted: March 15, 2010 in AudioBook Summaries

-Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

Wow: The Wheel of Wealth Questions

  1. Enlighten it. How can we enlighten this in the most unique way?
  2. Infinity it. How can we residualize this?
  3. Multiple stream it. How can we create additional streams of income from this?
  4. Combine it. How can we combine this with something else?
  5. Plus it. What can we add to this?
  6. Subtract it. What can we subtract from this?
  7. Multiply it. How can we multiply this?
  8. Exponentialize it. How can we make this grow exponentially?
  9. Divide it. How can we divide this?
  10. Minimize it. How can we make it smaller?
  11. Maximize it. How can we make it larger?
  12. Focus it. How can we focus this?
  13. Trend it. How can we attach this to a trend?
  14. Time it. How can we improve the timing of this?
  15. Rabbit it. How can we speed this up?
  16. Turtle it. How can we slow this down?
  17. Undo it. How can we undo/reverse parts of this?
  18. Connect it. How can we connect this to something else?
  19. Sex it. How can we redesign this to appeal to gender?
  20. Yin/Yang it. How can we attract its opposite?
  21. Recycle it. How can we make this more “planet-friendly”?

Wealth Codes:

Code One: The Destiny Code
The Destiny Code is finding your unique place in the universe.

Code Two: The Prism Code
The Prism Code is the vehicle you use to navigate down your destiny path.

Code Three: The Angel Code
The Angel Code is the team you’ll use to help you fulfil your destiny.

Code Four: The Star Code
The Star Code is treating your customers like they are stars.

Each code is essential to your success, not all need to be cracked at once or in any order.



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