Free Prize Inside

Posted: January 29, 2010 in AudioBook Summaries

-Seith Godin

People buy products with free products included, and people end up buying their product just for the free prize inside.
A product that carries a service or a prize is a purple cow.
Newspapers without comics/pictures would be less popular than one with, although people buy the Newspaper for the news, not the pictures.
Buy what you want, not what you need.
No free prize lasts forever.
A purple cow is something that stands out from similar products, such as one with a free-prize inside.
People who are highly paid, work harder than people with the same job, getting paid less.
Positive thinking doesn’t create time.
Projects don’t happen without champions.
Focus on the high leverage projects you have to champion.
You’re not perfect; you have to search for your free prize.
The more people you share your idea with, the more likely it is to become real.
Brainstorming is used to quiet the mind, to allow the ideas to surface.
A free prize makes a product look remarkable.
Products sell best in places they don’t belong.



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