Day #12 – Friday

Posted: January 22, 2010 in Other


Domino’s for lunch.
Then we’re off to get my nano. (I got 16gb silver)
Most fun day so far. – oh and of course I’ve been doing work. 😉
It’s a shame Herni Isn’t here anymore to enjoy today with us 😦


  1. Gayan Perera says:

    Congrats on winning the nano! great work with the data scraping!

  2. Mark Smith says:

    Product Champions required
    I need four software Champions at Magnetism
    Please select from the area of your choice:
    1. SharePoint
    2. Expressions Blend (Silverlight, WPF, SketchFlow)
    3. Sitefinity (HTML, CSS)
    4. Visio & Camtasia
    Please research the above items of Software to decide the area that you wish to Champion at Magnetism. A Champion is defined in one of the books on your book reading list called “Free Prize Inside”
    You have until the COB Monday 25th 2010 to decide. One per person.
    Please email me with your area of interest, rank the above four in order of your preference.
    Once the Champion areas are decided you will need to present each week what you have learned about the software and complete specific projects, not forgetting to blog as well.
    Any questions please let me know.

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