Day #11 – Thursday

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Other


Today was the due date for the Health Care projects we had been doing for the last week, so everyone was doing that all day. Prize of course was an ipod nano… 8 people voted on their favourite, it was a 3 all tie between Simon and I (Laura had the other 2 votes), so everyone except Henri voted again (since he had left by then).

As Mark was drawing out the 7 votes for Simon or I, the first 2 drawn were for Simon, and then out came one for me, and then another, things were looking up, with one vote still it the box it was again tied at 3-3, the final vote would decide the winner.
The final vote was drawn from the box… it was for me! I had won the ipod! Which Cindy and I would be collecting tomorrow. (I think I’ll get a Silver one)

Good work getting Second Simon, it was very close.


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